Ep. 9: Justice Renewed: Redemption through Resurrection

In Episode 9 of the Jesus Justice and Mercy podcast, our host Kristen Brock, helps us explore the profound connections between Jesus, justice, and the resurrection, discovering how these themes intertwine to envision a world free from injustices. Beginning with the origins of Jesus’s ministry, we examine how his teachings and actions challenged societal norms, particularly regarding the treatment of marginalized communities. Drawing from biblical passages, including the Old Testament prophets and Jesus’s own words, we uncover the transformative nature of justice as exemplified through Jesus’s life and teachings. 

We also confront contemporary questions about the role of Jesus in social justice efforts, exploring both the challenges and benefits of centering justice on Jesus. Through discussions on biblical principles and real-world applications, we reflect on how Jesus’s message of justice extends beyond mere ideology to become a lived experience for his followers. As we approach Easter weekend, we celebrate the resurrection as the ultimate act of God’s justice, signaling a new era of transformation and restoration for humanity. Through Jesus, we find hope for a world where justice, mercy, and love reign supreme, ushering in an era where all things are made new.

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