Ep. 8: Justice Embodied- Mercy Matters with Luke’s Gospel

In week three of Justice in the Bible, join us on a journey through the Gospel of Luke, often hailed as the epitome of social justice teachings within the New Testament.

Through insightful analysis and deep reflection, we delve into Luke’s unique perspective on compassion, equality, and love in Christ. From the iconic parable of the Good Samaritan to contemporary issues echoing its themes, we explore how mercy intersects with our understanding of neighborliness, justice, and the call to action in today’s world. 

Each episode invites listeners to ponder what it truly means to “go and do likewise” in the pursuit of a more just and compassionate society. Join the conversation as we discover the transformative power of mercy in our lives and communities.


Links to books and articles I mentioned:

(None of these are affiliate links; they are just resources if you want them.)

Deacon Paul Carlson: Luke, the Gospel of Social Justice

Eric Hovee; Jesus The Heresy blog

Smith and Kim: Toward Decentering the New Testament: A Reintroduction

Bryan Stevenson: Equal Justice Institute and Just Mercy

Passages in Luke that emphasize social justice:

Luke 1:51-55, 3:10-14, 4:16-21, 6:20-31, 8:1-3, 10:30-37, 14:12-14, 16: 19-31, 18:1-8 and 9-14, and 19:1-10

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