Ep. 7 Prophetic Justice Unleashed: Dismantling Oppression from the Courts of Heaven

Welcome to episode 7, as Kristen continues a deep dive into the theme of justice in the Bible. This week, we first look at the Psalms, finding resonance with David’s emotions and experiencing the humanity behind these timeless prayers. In Psalm 82, God establishes Himself as the ultimate judge, rebuking unjust rulers and emphasizing the importance of justice for the weak and oppressed, warning of severe consequences for continued injustice, and reaffirming His sovereignty over all creation.

Moving forward, we dive into the prophetic voices of the Old Testament, understanding their role in confronting societal injustices and calling God’s people to repentance and righteousness. We dissect a passage from Amos, often hailed as the book of social justice, to glean insights into God’s stance against oppression and exploitation. Amos confronts the realities of systemic injustice through vivid imagery and prophetic warnings. We finish up by looking at our collective responsibility as believers to advocate for the marginalized and oppressed.

Come along as we navigate the complexities and prominence of justice in Scripture, as we seek to embody God’s heart for righteousness and mercy in our daily lives.

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