Ep.17 Generational Shadows: Youth Incarceration’s Legacy on Trauma and Poverty

As we finish Season 1, Episode 17 is a short episode exploring the “School to Prison Pipeline,” a critical issue pushing at-risk children from classrooms into the justice system, highlighting its devastating impact on marginalized communities. We’ll explore the alarming incarceration rates in the U.S., particularly among Black Americans, and the systemic factors contributing to these disparities. Referencing the documentary “13th,” Kristen illustrates how policies have inflated prison populations and perpetuated racial biases.

We’ll also examine juvenile incarceration’s long-term effects, its role in perpetuating poverty, and the disparities in school discipline that feed into this cycle. Despite some reforms, much work remains. Join Kristen as we challenge our biases, seek understanding, and strive to embody the love and compassion Jesus taught us.

ACLU report on unjust Crack Cocaine laws.

Sentencing Project Report on Youth Justice

Center on Juvenile and Criminal Justice Report

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