Ep. 16 Bearing Witness: Navigating Mental Health and Miracles

In Episode 16 Kristen opens up about a deeply personal experience involving her 18-year-old son’s mental health crisis. The episode, marked by vulnerability and raw emotion, explores the challenges of parenting a child with mental health struggles stemming from childhood trauma. She recounts the harrowing events of her son’s crisis, from an early morning discovery of his distress to seeking emergency help and navigating the complexities of mental health, faith, and the relentless pursuit of hope in the face of adversity.


Throughout the episode, she reflects on the intersection of faith, prayer, and the pain of unanswered prayers, grappling with the tension between believing in miracles and confronting the harsh realities of ongoing suffering. Sharing a poignant exploration of biblical promises of restoration and healing, finding solace and hope in the midst of despair, Kristen calls on listeners to support those in their communities who are silently battling similar challenges, emphasizing the importance of empathy, prayer, and solidarity.


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