Ep. 11 Radical Restitution: The Revolutionary Vision of Jubilee

In episode 11, we dive into the profound concept of Jubilee as outlined in the Old Testament. Join Kristen as she explores the connections between ancient laws and contemporary reflections on justice and equity. Discover how the principles of Jubilee offer timeless wisdom for navigating socio-economic challenges and fostering community solidarity.

From the earliest documentation of taxation to the radical principles of economic justice, we unravel the layers of significance behind Jubilee and explore biblical passages and historical contexts to understand how Jubilee aimed to prevent cycles of poverty and promote societal restoration. Journey with us as we examine the parallels between the Old Testament narrative and the teachings of Jesus, finding resonance in themes of freedom, redemption, and communal responsibility. Finally, we are encouraged to reflect on the implications of Jubilee for contemporary society and the role of the church in addressing systemic injustices.

Join in as we contemplate the intersection of faith, social action, and transformative love.

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