Ep. 10 Justice Envisioned: Untangling the threads of faith and action

In episode ten,we continue to explore justice in biblical passages, focusing on the writings of Paul in Romans and the book of James.

Throughout each episode, we have navigated these texts’ historical and cultural contexts, challenging ourselves to reconsider their relevance in addressing contemporary issues of oppression, discrimination, and inequality.

As we journey through these ancient writings, we confront the challenging questions they raise about righteousness, justice, and the role of action in faith. Drawing upon themes of compassion, empathy, and the call to care for the marginalized, Kristen seeks to inspire listeners to reflect on how they can actively engage in promoting justice and mercy in today’s world.

From discussions on the significance of faith in action to reflections on the responsibilities of believers in addressing social injustices, each episode invites deeper introspection and meaningful dialogue. Join us as we explore the timeless messages of the Bible and their implications for building a more just and compassionate society.

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