Black History Month

Ep. 5: Lessons from Dr. King: Navigating Social Justice and the Gospel

In today’s episode, we delve into the heart of social justice, drawing inspiration from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s powerful “Letter from a Birmingham Jail.” We explore the tension between justice and gospel proclamation and discuss why these two are not mutually exclusive but rather intertwined in our Christian faith. We unpack the definition of social justice and examine its theological implications, rooted in God’s love and concern for the marginalized. 

We also examine two key figures who embodied social justice in their faith: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and Dr. King. Their lives and teachings serve as poignant reminders of the church’s call to actively pursue justice in the world. 

Addressing social injustice requires more than just understanding—it demands action. We explore the virtues of humility and courage, essential qualities for anyone engaging in this work. We recognize our limitations and our need for God’s strength through humility. And with courage, we confront injustice head-on, speaking truth to power and advocating for change.

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Ep. 4: Journey to Justice: True confessions of a nice white girl

In the final episode of our Black History Month series, we reflect on the challenges and importance of engaging with issues of race and social justice. We explore personal experiences and conversations, highlighting the need for deep listening and acknowledging others’ experiences. We discuss concepts like biases, white centering, and the pitfalls of superficial solutions. Drawing on data and insights, we confront misconceptions and urge introspection. We also share resources for further learning and encourage active participation in the journey towards reconciliation and justice. Join us as we prepare to delve into the intersection of social justice and the Bible in upcoming episodes.

Things I mentioned in the podcast:


Austin Channing Brown

“I’m Still Here: Black Dignity in a World made for Whiteness”

Dr. Yolanda Pierce

“In My Grandmother’s House: Black Women, Faith, and the Stories We Inherit”

Christy Ogelsby: “I need white mamas to come running”

A few books

8000 Promises Podcast

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Ep. 3: Church, Race and Justice: 3 words nobody wants in the same sentence

In week 3 of a 4-part series for Black History Month, this week Kristen explores the challenging intersection of church, race, and justice. Beginning with a personal journey of unexpected podcast timing due to a semester off from theology studies, Kristen acknowledges the discomfort and complexity of the topic. Drawing on biblical narratives of justice and the writings of scholars like Obery M. Hendricks Jr. and James H. Cone, the episode delves into the historical ties between Christianity, nationalism, and racism, particularly evident in the era of lynching. Despite the painful history, Kristen emphasizes the importance of acknowledging it to move towards healing and true justice. This episode also reflects on the resilience of African Americans, particularly expressed through music, both as a means of lament and hope. Lastly, it challenges modern multicultural churches to engage with the full spectrum of the black experience and to embody the justice-seeking Jesus. The episode concludes with an invitation for listeners to continue learning and engaging with the topic, promising a follow-up episode on actionable steps.

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Episode 2: Generational Trauma and the Lie

In Episode 2 of “Jesus, Justice, and Mercy,” we explore generational trauma as a part of our 4-week Black History Month series. Discussing insights from Eddie Glaude Jr.’s “Begin Again,” we navigate the complexities of trauma, its impact, and its roots in historical injustices. The Lie of America’s inherent goodness is confronted, examining the 3/5 compromise and its ties to slavery, Jim Crow, and mass incarceration. The episode highlights current disparities in Black mental and maternal health, urging reflection and action. Briefly touching on the “Black National Anthem,” the podcast ends on a hopeful note, exploring the resilience of African Americans and asks the listeners to consider how the church should respond.

Eddie S. Glaude Jr. “Begin Again”

Dr. Quanny Ard


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