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A podcast where we discuss race, grace, and faith, offering hope for the 21st-century church. A place where social justice meets theology.

Season one is here!!

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Podcasts drop weekly. This month we are doing a series on Black History.

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Recent Episodes

Episode 1: The history we don’t want to know – an introduction to Black History Month

Welcome to Season 1, Episode 1!
In the podcast’s inaugural episode, “Jesus, Justice + Mercy,” host Kristen introduces a 4-week series honoring Black History Month. With empathy and a call for understanding, she delves into historical aspects like the Middle Passage, Slave Codes, wealth and housing gaps, voting rights, and the enduring impact of systemic racism, urging listeners to confront uncomfortable truths and consider the implications for today’s society. Kristen emphasizes the importance of learning from Black sources, fostering empathy, and challenging historical narratives to promote justice, mercy, and a deeper understanding of the Black experience.

A few links or data sources I mentioned

Data and more:
“⁠Segregated by Design” documentary⁠

⁠”13th” documentary (official trailer)⁠

⁠Sentencing Project data⁠

⁠Jim Crow and voting⁠

⁠Suppression of Black voters⁠

⁠⁠Jemar Tisby⁠⁠
⁠⁠Tanya at Bluford Consulting⁠⁠
⁠Jesus, Justice and Mercy on IG⁠
⁠Kristen Annette

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Season One Trailer

Welcome to Jesus, Justice + Mercy. A podcast where we talk about race, grace, faith, and healing for the 21st-century church. Grounded in theology join me as we explore social justice, not as a political statement but as a living, breathing imitation of who Jesus was. Season 1 kicks off in late January 2024 as we start by exploring the case for justice in the Bible. Head on over to Jesusjusticeandmercy.com to see the latest.  
I can’t wait for you to join me as we do justice, love mercy and walk humbly with God.

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